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Prior to the date 18.10.11, various schemes of Specially Abled Person were conducted by the Department of Social Justice and Empowerment. Directorate of Disabilities was constituted by the State Government on 18.10.11 with the objective of giving immediate benefits to various schemes, provisions, act and rule governing the welfare of the Specially Abled Person in the State of Rajasthan.
The name of the Directorate has been changed to Directorate of Specially Abled Person wide  notification dated on  01.03.12 after the approval of the Honorable  Governor , which was published on March 6, 2012, in the Rajasthan Gazzetted  extraordinary.
Functions of  Directorate of Special abled person : -
In order to make specialty the job oriented, Artificial limb equipment assistance, scholarship scheme, Identification, certification of Specially Abled Person residing in the state, issue of Unique Disability Indentity card, pleasant life plan for marriage, polio, anupriti, , sports, award and mukhamantri vishesh yogyajan  self employment scheme, pension, physically and mentally Specially Abled Person  To organize teaching, training and conduct the functions of other schemes.  .
Sanction  grant  to non-governmental organizations running a residential, non-residential school and mental retarded houses for Specially Abled Person ,
Registration of registered non-governmental organizations under Divyanjanja Right Act 2016,
Issuing NOC for obtaining recognition from the Indian Rehabilitation Council for the institutions running different disciplines related teachers training courses.
Approval and supervision of construction of ramps, textile path etc. under the accessible India Campaign,   
Operation of Mental Retarded Rehabilitation Center at Jamdoli,
Managing Teacher Training Course for Mental Retardation at Jamdoli.
To ensure the effective and compliance of the existing provisions, act and rules for the welfare of Special abled person .
1The Right of persons with disabilities Act, 2016 
2 National Autism, Cerebral palsy, Mental Retardation and Multiple Disabilities Persons Welfare Act, 1999 
3 Indian Rehabilitation Council Act, 1992 and Amendment Act, 2000
 4 United Nations Millennium Development Goals 
5 United Nations Conference on Disable Persons, 2007
6 Rajasthan Rights of Persons with Disabilities  Rule  2018
Functions and powers:
All the work of Specially  abled person is being managed by this directorate .The Directorate  have the responsibility to ensure the compliance of the all the schemes activities  provisions acts and rules.The right to use all the powers relating to the Directorate vests in  the Director and joint/ special  secretary.